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Located in Stone County, Mississippi, Aqua Green is located approximately 40 miles from the Gulf and is the only sustainable inland aquaculture operation in the US that produces both freshwater and marine finfish for aquaculture production as well as for restoration purposes.

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Freshwater Operations

Using its 53,000 ft2 freshwater production facility, Aqua Green currently produces over 10,000 lbs of tilapia per week which are sold live and are distributed primarily to restaurants and fresh seafood markets on the east coast, including New York City


Marine Operations

Via its state-of-the-art 20,000 ft2 Marine Research, Hatchery and Nursery Center, Aqua Green is capable of closing the life cycle and rearing millions of juvenile marine finfish for aquaculture production as well as restoring threatened stocks of native fish.


Recirculating Aquaculture Technologies

At Aqua Green, both freshwater and marine facilities are equipped with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The use of RAS provides a controlled environment and allows fish to be reared at high densities while reusing water, minimizing effluent discharge, and associated environmental impact.


Water Reuse and Effluent Management and Use

Currently freshwater effluent is applied to agricultural spray fields as a fertilizer and saltwater effluent is captured in evaporation ponds. A USDA-sponsored marine eflluent treatment facility is also under construction.


Aqua Green has also partnered with Auburn University and Mote Marine Laboratory to evaluate the use of fresh and saltwater effluent for the production of vegetables and marine macroalgae, respectively.


Environmental Restoration

Aqua Green is committed to aid in restoration efforts targeting the northern Gulf of Mexico including tributaries supplying the Gulf. Aqua Green is capable of not only producing millions of fingerling fish to restock coastal and inland waters but aquatic plants for coastal remediation. Below is a listing of finfish species that will soon be available for stock enhancement projects.



Aqua Green has established partnerships with a number of agencies and institutions as part of its R&D program. Current projects include hydroponic production of plants using production effluent, development of a water treatment system for saltwater production, enhancment of red snapper, seatrout, and cobia populations, evaluation of seatrout as an aquaculture species, nutrition of pompano and cobia, and improving reproduction of marine species.